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What is a Convening Circle?

A Convening Circle is a recurring gathering of changemakers who seek support and accountability to effectively create greater impact in the world. These Circles use frameworks drawn from research and design models that enable people to achieve their goals.

Have you ever been to a conference and met incredible people and had an idea that would change the world, only to go home and realize that there is no way to make that new idea a priority? (aka the Trough of Disillusionment) We all have a million things clamoring for our attention each day, and it can be difficult if not impossible to make the time and space for a new group of peers to take action and explore a potential collaboration.

Convening Circles was designed to break the hype cycle.  We provide the structure and support to help you capture that new idea and bring it to life.  We provide a trained host to you and a circle of peers who are striving to achieve the same goal.  This host works with you to guide you on your journey and stay accountable to your goals.  

We know you are a changemaker activating your time, money, and community to create positive impact in the world every day. 
We also know the challenges our planet faces are greater than any one of us can solve on our own.  

Convening Circles provides you with the skills and support you need to build even greater impact in the world.

As an ecosystem builder charged with making the impact ecosystem easier to navigate, sees an opportunity as a neutral third party to advance the capacity of impact focused networks/conveners to advance action and shared purpose. We want to increase the capacity of network leaders to activate participants to take action and provide a new revenue stream to support the organizations building the impact ecosystem.

The Convening Circles stepping stone framework also helps organizations to strengthen ties to their members and clients.
In the last 4 years, the team at has facilitated over 15 Collective Impact Projects for volunteers from the convening and accelerator communities to work together to create shared resources and tools to advance their work.

Through the facilitation of these working groups we’ve identified an opportunity to expand this framework to increase the capacity of conveners, accelerators, and impact investing focused organizations to advance impactful action and generate additional revenue.

The Convening Circles methodology can be customized to:

  1. Activate investors, investment advisors, and philanthropists new to the field of impact;

  2. Align veteran asset holders or advisors to take action and support field building initiatives;

  3. Activate stakeholders to address a specific challenge facing a city or region (like poverty, education, hunger, or homelessness);

  4. Provide tools and resources for navigating the impact ecosystem;

  5. Galvanize people within an organization or existing network/membership community towards collective action to advance organizational goals.

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What is an Action Project?

An Action Project is just what it sounds like: a scoped project with a clearly defined outcome that you can work on with peers to make a difference in ending poverty and inequality in the United States.

Rooted in ACTION!  These projects arise from a group of changemakers who have a shared affinity around core themes including ethical fashion, Native Americans, funding solutions to poverty, human rights, health, or education.  

An Action Project has a couple of clear ingredients:

  • A Theory of Change guiding the theme of the Action Project.
  • A specific hypothesis of WHAT the action will achieve, for WHOM, and by WHEN.

Why join a circle?

Those of us working to create change in the world cannot do it alone.  To shift the systems of poverty, inequality, hunger - really most of the problems our planet and society face today requires us to work together.  No one person, company, or even country will be able to solve these problems alone.  If you are working as a change maker, social entrepreneur, impact investor, intrapreneur, or non-profit leader Convening Circles give you the structure, support, and resources you need to take action!

You work with a trained host who facilitates the group to get aligned on their shared purpose, define your action project, and take the steps necessary to make it happen.  You get to partner with others in your Circle to increase your accountability and progress.  Above all you get to connect with an incredible community of changemakers building deep and lasting relationships of trust and shared purpose.

What is the value of being a host?

Participants find value in the experience of building greater accountability, achieving their goals, and connecting to the power of shared purpose to make real change in the world.  Their Action Projects align with their personal or professional goals, to make it easier to prioritize their commitment.

We’ve designed the Host experience to provide value to you in a number of ways:

  1. Grow the value you provide to your community. Whether you run a membership organization or are gathering a circle of clients or friends, being a host is an opportunity to go deep and build lasting relationships with your community and catalyze them to take action to advance their professional goals.

  2. Level up your skills.  Our training increases your skills in facilitation, knowledge management, experience design, and communications.

  3. A shoulder to lean on. Our exclusive Host Circle meets monthly providing a platform for sharing challenges and sourcing support. You also have access to an ongoing online community of Hosts for support and collaboration between monthly calls.

  4. Systematize your workflow - saving time.  We’ve gone through the weeds to create the checklists, templates, and downloadable resources you need before each meeting so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel each gathering.

Whether you’ve run YPO Forums, Leadership Roundtables, Masterminds, Brain Trusts, or are just getting started and looking for structure to launch your first group - we are here to support you.  It is our diversity that makes us stronger and creates the dynamic community experience that is so powerful.

You can read more about becoming a host here.

How do I learn more?

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