What is a Convening Circle?

A Convening Circle is a series of intimate gatherings of change makers providing support and accountability to take action and achieve your goals. Each Foundation Center West Convening Circle consists of 8-12 participants

Building on the momentum of ConnectUP! MN, we are forming Convening Circles for people who want to make MN more equitable. We help you set goals, take meaningful action, and support one another to bring to life the initiatives you've identified at ConnectUP! MN.

The largest amount of money given to charity in MN comes from households that make $55K or less. We can’t buy into the narrative that we don’t have the money - we have it and we need to use it.
— Elaine Rasmussen, CEO Impact Strategies Group


Commitment to Action

Convening Circles will support you to: 

  • Set Your Goal,
  • Stay Accountable to Your Goal, and
  • Make Meaningful Progress Towards Achieving Your Goal.

Through our Action Projects framework, you benefit from working with a trained host to connect with aligned peers to take the steps necessary to move your capital to align with your values.

women in business.png

Investing in Women

How do we set up a generation of black women to be successful business owners and employers?

We have powerful leaders and organizations in MN who can step up to identify and bring to life programs, financial capital, and training programs to invest in women so they have the tools they need to drive a strong and inclusive local economy.


Where does your cash sleep at night?

You have the power to make a difference just by choosing where you store your cash.  

But there are so many things that get in the way:

1. The paper work

2. Making the Time

3. Not giving up when you hit a question you dont know how to answer

These are examples of what you could do through a Convening Circle.  Join Elaine Rasmussen as your host as she works with you to take action to become an impact investor as we are all wealth holders and can make a difference with our money.


Convening Circles support you to:

  1. Increasing your knowledge of impact investing and philanthropy.
  2. Connect and build deeper relationships with your community.
  3. Set an Action Project to move into Impact Investing with the support of your peers.

You'll move through a four step process over the course of 12 meetings to learn more about how to become an impact investor and grow the field of impact investing in your region.