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Building on the momentum of Opportunity Collaboration USA, we've partnered with to launch Convening Circles to keep the conversation going and help you take action to advance solutions to poverty, inequality, and injustice in the United States. 

Convening Circles provide the community, accountability, and a game plan to support you in setting goals and taking ACTION on the ideas and collaborations that arise from your time at OC USA.


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Infographic courtesy of the Monkey Do Project.

Infographic courtesy of the Monkey Do Project.

We have the opportunity at OC USA to confront the growing inequality in our own back yard in the United States.  In the last few years the increase of inequality, especially the divide between urban and rural communities, has driven us to greater polarization and breakdowns in communication.

OC USA gathers leaders from around the country who are building sustainable solutions to poverty and injustice.  Our shared values unite us around a common vision for a country that can support all people, from all backgrounds.  

The Opportunity Collaboration cultural ethos to ask every Delegate: "What is your mission? How can I help you advance it?" creates the seeds for collaboration following the event.  We've seen in the past at OC Global timely collective action projects emerge from a recognition of our power to make a difference in the Ebola epidemic and the devastation following the Haiti earthquake.  

The incredible calibre of people - from a variety of stakeholder groups - who come together at OC are poised to accelerate one another's impact.  Our hope is that Convening Circles can provide the stepping stones and game plan to help more of these collaborations come to life. 

The OC guiding ethos of "Be Yourself. Be Authentic. Be Evocative." is at the heart of being a part of a Convening Circle.  We encourage you to "share your passion with personal stories – the highs and the lows of your work. Make it personal. Make it real."  We also find that so much of what OC is striving for is to "be tangible. Provide other Delegates with the information needed to consider collaborating with you."   These are exactly the ingredients you need to seed the Action Projects at the heart of Convening Circles.


What is an action project?

An Action Project is just what it sounds like: a scoped project with a clearly defined outcome that you can work on with peers to make a difference in ending poverty and inequality in the United States.

Rooted in ACTION!  These projects arise from a group of changemakers who have a shared affinity around core themes including ethical fashion, Native Americans, funding solutions to poverty, human rights, health, or education.  

An Action Project has a few clear ingredients:

A Theory of Change guiding the theme of the Action Project.

A specific hypothesis of WHAT the action will achieve, for WHOM, and by WHEN.