What is a Convening Circle?

Building on the momentum of OC USA, we are forming Convening Circles for people who want to build sustainable solutions to poverty and injustice. We help you set goals, take meaningful action, and support one another to bring to life the initiatives you've identified at OC USA.

Conferences are a spectacular way to spark connections, ignite partnerships, and catalyze collaborations, but the real impact of any conference is best measured in the yield of long-term relationships, upon which we can ultimately lay the foundation for the most important outcomes from convening with each other. Accordingly, Convening Circles is a model that propels such relationships, harnessing the power of trust-based peer groups.
— Topher Wilkins, CEO Opportunity Collaboration


Commitment to Action

Convening Circles will support you to: 

  • Set Your Goal,
  • Stay Accountable to Your Goal, and
  • Make Meaningful Progress Towards Achieving Your Goal.

Through our Action Projects framework, you benefit from working with a trained host to connect with aligned peers to take the steps necessary to build sustainable solutions to poverty and injustice.

These are some of the incredible affinity groups convening at Opportunity Collaboration!  As you engage partners, peers, and fellow delegates this week - keep an eye open for how these connections can lead to the ACTION that can eliminate poverty and injustice in the United States.

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